Where can God use your talents?


The Administration Team’s primary objective is to assist the Church Body by managing resources.  The Administration team oversees the facilities, both use and maintenance.  It recommends members of the body to serve on teams and in leadership positions.  It promotes stewardship by encouraging giving of your time, treasure, and talents as well as transparent financial accounting.  The Administration team is the point of contact for outsides groups wanting to use our building and grounds.


The Discipleship Team’s purpose is to assist the church in making disciples.  This team oversees the Nursery, Small Groups, Children’s Ministry, and Discipleship Classes. They oversee the development of policies and programs at SCBC.  They are always looking for teachers and mentors to serve in our many areas of discipleship.  The team reviews curriculum and resources continually to make sure that we are accurately teaching the Bible and training disciples.




The Evangelism Team assists the Church in our mandate to share the Gospel of Christ with all peoples (Matthew 28:16-20).   The Evangelism Team promotes our annual mission offerings: Annie Armstrong (Easter), Silver State Missions, and Lottie Moon (Christmas).  They also promote mission trips and emphasize missions work as a vocation.  They plan and formulate outreach and intentionally involve the church in outreach to the lost.  They assist the Pastoral Staff in planning revivals and other evangelical outreach efforts.






The Fellowship Team provides opportunities for the Body of Christ to come together in unity and love outside our formal worship times.  This team promotes unity and harmony by scheduling and planning picnic, ice cream socials, movie nights, and other events that are refreshing to the Body and suitable for outreach opportunities to those who do not know our Lord and Savior.



The Ministry Team assists the church by the implementation of programs directed towards the unique needs of men, women, and youth in our church body.  Men and women have differing needs, as they were created by God male and female (Genesis 5:2).  This ministry team seeks to provide opportunities for men and women to minister to each other by creating activities for service, support, and education.  Youth, also have specific needs that are addressed by discipleship and service opportunities.




The Worship Team assists the body of Christ through the ministries of music and ordinances.  The team encourages congregational participation in the worship of God through music.  The team also assists with the ordinances of the church.  The team readies the baptistry for baptisms and assists with preparations and arrangements.  The team also makes preparations for Communion Sundays for the congregation.